The ICFJ Knight Fellows create a culture of news innovation and experimentation worldwide to deepen coverage, expand news delivery and engage citizens in the editorial process. Through that work, they launch web and mobile tools that transform journalism in their regions and spark new opportunities globally.

We've curated a list of ICFJ Knight tools that we think would offer great possibilities for journalists and technologists at NICAR 2016. If you adopt any of these tools, or lead any new projects inspired by them, tweet at us via @ICFJKnight.

ICFJ Knight Fellows Justin Arenstein and Chris Roper and ICFJ staff Alyssa Mesich and Margy Looney will be at NICAR 2016. Connect with them there!

Page Title
Fellow (Strategist)
Project Champion
Developed by
#GreenAlertJustin ArensteinCode for AfricaOxpeckersSends personalized alerts to users about environmental assessments happening for new projects in their area.
CargografíasMariano BlejmanAndres SnitcofskyCreate visualizations comparing candidates' job experience for elected and non-elected positions.
connectedAFRICAFriedrich LindenbergJustin ArensteinCode for AfricaDatabase and web tool for investigating the connections that exist between the private and public officials in South Africa.
Dodgy DoctorsJustin ArensteinCatherine GicheruTemi AdeoyeCode for AfricaCode for KenyaWeb and SMS tool for citizens to check whether their doctor is registered and in "good standing" with medical authorities.
GotToVoteJustin ArensteinDavid LemayianCode for KenyaCode for AfricaWeb and SMS app to help citizens find their nearest voter registration center and confirm their registration.
HackDashMariano BlejmanDan ZajdbandPlatform to track hackathon ideas and participants.
JEO Journalism MappingGustavo FaleirosInfoAmazoniaWordPress platform that implements data-heavy digital maps and geotagged stories.
Living WageAdi EyalCode for South AfricaWeb app to visualize how much employees need to earn to fulfill their basic needs.
NarcoDataMariano BlejmanMiguel PazPoderopediaAnimal PolíticoData and visualizations showing the evolution of drug cartels in Mexico.
Push Mobile AppChris GuessICFJOpen-source Android and iOS apps that push news directly to users' mobile devices.
WazimapAdi EyalJustin ArensteinGreg KempeCode for South AfricaMedia Monitoring AfricaProvides easy access to census and elections data.
Yo Quiero SaberMariano BlejmanmySocietyCiudadano InteligenteClínica WebWeb app for voters to see how their political views align with election candidates.

The Knight International Journalism Fellowships  program is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The Fellows build on past successes in the Knight program, which has a strong record of achieving impact. They work in countries where there is a good opportunity to create the news media of the future.

With additional support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Knight Fellows are empowering journalists in sub-Saharan Africa to use the latest digital tools to tell compelling stories on health and development issues.

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