Wazimap, from the Xhosa word "ulwazi" for knowledge, provides easy access to census and elections data. Code for South Africa and Adi Eyal first developed and launched the tool in South Africa, a country where most of the public demographic data was trapped in lengthy reports that were difficult for journalists and average citizens to use. ICFJ Knight Fellow Justin Arenstein later helped to bring the tool to Zambia and Kenya.

Wazimap is based on Census Reporter, a United States tool, but makes some improvements on the original code. The African version includes a streamlined data backend that matches the data interface of the CensusReporter API, but Wazimap supports a much simpler data format that makes it easy to import non-census information, such as crime or education statistics. It also provides more options for map visualization, embed functions, share tools and geo-coded downloads. 

For more: http://bit.ly/1USVxMw